«Scriabin Lab»

A Special Creative Projects Department and a laboratory help to form the specific image of the Museum in big city, they turn the Museum into active, modern and developing cultural centre.


The audience of projects realized through the Department and Laboratory activity since 2013 has run at more than 60 000 people. New kinds of work allowed to step out of museum walls and to be included into the formation of new cultural environment in the surrounding area. The artistic projects made by the Museum on Arbat street encouraged the cultural variety of programs for popular pedestrian zone of Moscow. A creative actions with dozens of spectators held at the open-air stage in Gorky park, within the Afisha Picnic festival in Kolomenskoye helped to make Russian musical culture more popular and to attract a new target audience to the oldest city museum.


  • The popularization of the name and the heritage of Scriabin. New audience attraction.
  • The experimental site formation in order to realize musical and visual ideas of young artists.
  • The organization of cultural, mass-cultural, experimental, exhibitional events inside and outside the Museum. The organization of special projects based upon the archive materials of the Museum; of the projects that unite different kinds of art, light-musical experiments, installations, performances, and interactive programs.
  • The search of innovative technologies in order to realise Scriabin's creative concepts concerning music visualisation and his philosophical ideas.
  • Advocacy of classical music with the help of new technologies.
  • The Museum presentation at big festivals, at cultural centers, at the stages of parks, museums, pedestrian zones, etc.
  • Search and acquisition of partners.
  • The organization of internation Art-Residence.
  • The meetings of experts in various art spheres for experiments, collaborative creation, duscussion and the exchange of ideas, the search of the uniting point between different styles.

The Department is planning the organization and the execution of experimental projects for physically challenged people and for children.