For physically challenged people

Museum workerslook forward to welcoming physically challenged people.

Museum is equipped mith all necessary facilities: there are wheelchair ramps, wheelchairs, parking for physically challenged people. The museum is equipped with the ramp, so that wheelchair can easily get to the first floor rooms; there also is available an information plate in braille for visually challenged visitors and colour lights for acoustically challenged ones.

The archiceture of museum buildingand the exhibition arrangement on the second floor don't give the opportunity to make the excursions for visitors with disordered motor function. However, our specialists give tours for them in the hall for exhibitions and concerts on the first floor, with the display of video showing memorial rooms and particular exibition items.

The Museum organizes offsite lectures-talks and lectures-concerts for veterans, physically disabled people and other people with limited mobility.

In the Center for Cultural Innovation "Scriabin House" there is an exhibition hall, an interactive classroom, and a unique transforming concert hall, which allow the physically challenged peope to participate in educational and public awareness programs, and special creative projects. There also are available wheelchair ramps, lift and lavatories for visitors with disordered motor function.