The Academic Board

The Academic Board of Scriabin Museum was founded in 2011. It is an open academic community of researchers, performing musicians and cultural figures, who connect their creative activity with the works of the great Russian composer.

The representatives from leading musical educational institutions, museums and artistic unions of Moscow participate in the work of the Board.

The Board's duties are:

  • to discuss the aread of scientific and educational activity of the Museum;
  • to take part in the development of the plan of Museum activities.

With the help of the Academic Board there was created a fascinating conception of one of the most remarkable exhibitions over recent years - “The Genuis Of Russian Music”, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Scriabin's birth (2012). The exhibition was organized in Small Manezh. During it more than 15000 inhabitants of Moscow and city visitors got acquainted with Scriabin's works. Except for the Scriabin Museum more than 20 organizations, museums and private individuals lending unique materials took part in this event.

The Board took part in the discussion of reconstruction plans of the second building of the Museum (2013).

Also the Board discussed the management of recent International Academic Conference, dedicated to the memory of Scriabin (24-27 April 2015), which found resonance in different countries.